Thursday, November 13, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipes

Join me and others who LOVE tea time and want to have some fun with a Holiday Swap! At the last swap I hosted, there were many ladies asking about a Holiday Swap, so here it is:

The theme is "12 Days of Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipes"

The swap is to consist of 12 items, all individually wrapped:

*A Christmas or Holiday print teacup & saucer.
* 3 of your absolute favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes on a 3x5 or 4x6 card
* The other 8 items should be holiday and/or tea-related items
For instance: (this is only for inspiration, you can choose whatever you like)
Your favorite tea, a scented votive candle, a linen napkin, a silver spoon, decorated sugar cubes, a cookie cutter, an ornament, a tea towel, etc. - try to keep it tea time related!

Your Swap Sister may choose to open one gift a day leading up to Christmas, or she can open them all at's her/your choice.

The t&s (teacup & saucer) may be vintage or new, one that is in your personal collection or a purchased one. Please swap a t&s that is functional (no cracks) and one that you would appreciate receiving (ie. no chips, crazing, fleabites). The spending limit is $20 (not including shipping cost). At least one homemade or handcrafted item(s) should be included as one of the items (i.e. a tag, a paper crown tiara, pinwheel etc).

Deadline to sign up by:

~ December 1, 2008

Parcels mailed out by:
~ December 12, 2008
Caution: Consider this swap carefully before signing up. Please DO NOT sign-up if you cannot commit to the swap. The holidays are a busy time, and this swap is supposed to be fun with a spirit of sharing, not a burden. So only those who are fully willing to follow through and excited to join in, are encouraged to sign-up. We don't want anyone left out because someone flaked out. Thank you for understanding!

The email to sign-up is parteatimeswap [at] gmail [dot] com and please leave pertinent information such as 1) your name, 2) blog addy and 3) email addy. You must email me, do not leave the info in a comment box.
You will exchange your snail mail addy with your Sister Swapper once you've made contact with them. I will post the swap list on this blog on December 2nd. It is easiest to keep the swap in the Continental US, but if I get a couple of ladies within the same country (last time we had a lot of Aussies! yay!) I will match you up. Otherwise, I will have to keep it within the USA. Sorry, *bottom lip pouting*

Pack fragile items very carefully! After your parcel has been mailed, kindly email me the confirmation number so that we may confirm that every participant received a swap. For fun, please post on your blog the items you sent and/or received with photos. We can add to the Flickr group as well.

Feel free to copy either graphic provided and paste to your blog. Spread the tea luuvvv. Here is a link to the graphics to copy & paste the code. Directions (for Blogger) are included if you do not know how to do it.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.

This should be a lot of fun, and I hope my kindred tea lovers out there will join us!
Thank you in advance for signing up!

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